Sabina works as a domestic worker and makes bangles with her daughter Sujina. Her inspiration is her daughter Sujina and feels motivated by the team of Astitwa Nepal. Since a young age, she always loved visiting new places and going on picnics.  

Because of my burn scars I kept getting rejected during job interviews. It was difficult to make ends meet. Now RISE has been helping me to sell my crafts internationally. I have been able to generate an income to support my children.  I also taught my 18 year old daughter how to make some items, and she is helping me produce more products.

Sujina loves making bangles and earrings. Her hobbies are dancing and visiting new places. She wants to learn Taekwondo, a form of Korean martial art. She also loves conceptualizing new designs of bangles and earrings. She takes her single mother, Sabina Pujari as a role model and inspiration. 

I wanted to help my single mother so I began making earrings and selling them. RISE noticed my determination and has been helping me to sell my products. I am very happy that I have been able to help my mother financially.