Purchasing products handcrafted by acid attack survivors in Uganda and Nepal makes a big difference in the lives of survivors!  The money survivors make from these orders allows them to send their children to school and provide other basic needs for their families.  Survivors regularly message us asking if we would please place another order from them.  Your purchasing of the products will help make that happen!  Contact us below about purchasing items wholesale!

Host a craft sale

Host a sale at your place of work, home, or community gathering!  This is a great way for people to learn more about RISE and the survivor artisans we support!  Contact us below to learn more.

Donate craft supplies or unused jewelry

We would love to make use of them!  Many of the survivors with whom we work in Uganda and Nepal have small businesses making baskets, jewelry and purses.  For some survivors, this is their sole source of income.  Others do craft making as a side business. When people donate these items, RISE ships them to survivor artisans so they can use these supplies in their businesses.  This helps reduce the costs of materials and it's fun for them to receive materials not common in their markets!  Donated jewelry can either be sold as is or used as materials for making new products.  Sometimes, RISE uses donated items to make products that we sell in the RISE Artisan Marketplace.  


Contact us about purchasing wholesale, hosting a sale, or donating craft supplies!