My name is Sabita and I am from Nepal. I have been a burns survivor since 2000. My ex-husband attacked me with kerosene because I had flushed his drugs into the toilet.  After the attack, my life suddenly changed.  The way people discriminated against me hurt a lot. People didn't seem to realize that burn victims have hearts full of pain and trauma. Some people keep hurting us and giving us more pain in different ways- for example, not providing a job because of scars.  After the attack, I lived with my mother, but she passed away more than 5 years ago. I am separated from my husband and am a single mother.

I opened a small restaurant by taking a loan from the bank. It's very hard to earn enough money to pay for bank installments, my boy's school fees, and house expenses by myself. I do paintings, nail art, henna tattoos, and face paintings as my side job because these only happen on special occasions. Painting has been one of my hobbies since childhood. I enjoy doing paintings because it comes from my heart.  This is the first time that I got a chance to get known to people because of my craft, and it's only happening because of RISE.
If you buy my crafts, it will add color to my sons' lives.  I'm really grateful towards RISE for providing such opportunity to become independent using my skills. 
In 2018, I received a microloan from RISE to help me expand a piggy bank business I started. I got so many orders from customers in Nepal for my piggy banks and am much more financially stable now.