My name is Daniel Kasolo. I am from Uganda. In 2007, I was attacked with acid by my friend. I think the reason he did it is because he wanted to steal from me. Life became difficult because I had to spend good years being hospitalized, returning again and again for surgeries and skin grafting. One of the most noticeable differences after the attack was in my looks because my face was burned. I looked like a different Daniel.

RISE has helped me a lot. They helped me gain self confidence and inspired me economically.  I participated in a business skills training and microloans program in 2018 through which I learned how to plan and manage my mobile phone business. This is my main source of income. My goal is to some day have my own shop that sells a variety of phones, accessories, and electrical appliances.

I have been making paper beads for 10 years. I get my beading materials (paper) from Kireka. Selling these crafts helps me get closer to my business goals. I use the extra money to look after my family and do a few side projects. I also participated in a jewelry training put on by RISE in 2018, where I learned to make jewelry from masai beads. 

People all over the world purchasing my crafts is an honor. I feel proud and I pray to them every day to continue doing so because they do help us to earn a living. 

Right now I'm living with my wife, and our three kids, Sheritah, Keith and Griffin. We live in a house in Kampala. 

Coronavirus update:

Because of the pandemic, I have not been in craft business for the entire year. Most of my sales come from local customers. American businesses can help me by getting me market for my crafts. Whenever I sell crafts, I get profits which help me to top up on my income which helps me sustain my family. My wife was pregnant so I got scared because there was no public transport. The government did not help me much. Most products have been scarce. People do not have money. The profits I have been making have been used to feed my family. It is because of this and the pandemic, that I have learned the culture of saving.