"After my burns, I didn’t want my husband to bear the weight of the hospital bills alone. To help him out, I learned how to sew but still I wasn’t earning enough. RISE reached out to me and helped me sell my products outside my country. My heart feels lighter knowing that I can help out my husband with the hospital bills."


Renuka is a burn survivor who lives in Kathmandu, Nepal.  She is married and has a son.  

Renuka is very fond of fashion and makeup. She had taken makeup classes a few years back to learn how to apply makeup professionally. She enjoys taking pictures. She considers her husband as the biggest motivator and inspiration in her life. She shared that her husband has been with her through all the time of despair including her treatment after her burns. She has been currently working from home and making Nepali style children's clothes popularly known as Daura (upper wear with strings), Bhoto (vest with drawstrings), Surwal (pajamas) in Nepal. She aims to make more products and sell to generate income.