Q: Where are you from?

A: I am from Nepal.

Q: Who attacked you and why?

Five years ago (when I was 24), I inflicted pain upon myself after finding out that my husband was already married.

Q: What was life like after the attack?

A: Life after the attack is something that I can’t put it into words. My husband left me when I was at the hospital, and there was no one to support me because I was all alone. The moment when I needed people to be with me, I was left all alone, and so I fell into depression and did not want to live. Life after the attack was miserable for me.

Q: What is life like now?

A: Currently, I live alone because my family does not support me anymore. I do not have any children. I work as a helper at Animal Nepal. I also make crafts. Craft making helps with some of my daily expenses to buy food, pay rent, and look after my basic necessities.

Q: Why does selling your crafts mean to you?

A: I enjoy making crafts because at this particular moment, I can get my mind off other things. It gives me a feeling of independence and that has become another reason for me to enjoy it more. I also get to meet new people who do not judge me for my past. This craft making has become a new platform for me to meet new people. I would consider myself very lucky if people from all over the world would purchase my crafts.