I am from Uganda.  In 2007, I was attacked with acid by the father of my oldest child because I left him. After getting out of the hospital, I lived with the mother of my attacker because I couldn't afford any other living situation. My attacker's mother offered a room in her home for me and my young daughter as a sort of agreement that I would not report my attacker to the police.  For years, I worked hard and saved money to move out. With my savings and a loan from RISE, I was able to construct my own home for myself and my children.

I started making lots of crafts and shoes 10 years ago and selling them in the surrounding area and to my friends. That is my main source of income. These crafts help me pay school fees for my children and buy food and medication. I use boda boda (motorcycles) to get my crafts to my customers. I like crafting because I earn money doing what I enjoy. My favorite crafts to make are baskets and paper beads. I get my paper beads materials from Nasser road from stationers and basket materials from Mpigi deep in villages. 

I’m happy when people support us by buying our crafts. It helps me to move on and worship God. I often pray for the people who buy our crafts and ask God to bless them. RISE first started purchasing my crafts in 2015 and their support has made a big difference in my life. 
My future goal is to expand my craft business to support my fellow survivors. If I met someone in the same situation as me, I would like to tell them that first you have to love yourself. You have to accept whoever you are. You have to know that, "This is me."  You have to move on. 

  acid attack survivor Julie