I'm Reenah Ntoreinwe, an acid attack survivor from Kampala, Uganda. I was attacked with acid on May 24, 2009 by an unknown person when I was driving home with a friend.  My friend was the target of the attack but because I was in the car with her when she was attacked, the acid splashed on me as well. 

Life immediately after the attack was so difficult. I was affected physically (change in identity because of the scars), economically  (spent a lot of time and money in the hospital), and psychologically.

I'm now a single parent, living with my two sons ages 11 and 7.  For many years after the attack, I could not find a job (despite having a bachelor's degree in journalism.)  However, once End Acid Violence Uganda was founded, I started lending my voice to help them raise awareness of acid violence in Uganda.  Their founder invited me to appear on a radio interview, and a few weeks later, I was invited to work for EAV.  I am now the Programs Administrator there. 

I learned how to make crafts through the EAV training offered in partnership with RISE. The extra income I acquire from crafts helps me take care of my children.  My goal is to become a successful business woman and to inspire more acid survivors.  To the people all over the world who purchase my crafts I'm so grateful; it gives me strength and courage to carry on.