Hello, I am Linnet Kirungi, an acid attack survivor from Hoima District in Mid-Western Region of Uganda.  I was attacked with acid on January 11, 2012 at exactly 7:00am on my way to Makerere University to do my end-of-semester examination. My ex-boyfriend attacked me after I refused his marriage proposal while studying at the university.  Life after the attack changed completely. I was forced to change my identity to a Muslim where I used to veil my head in order for people not to see my scars. It was too difficult for me to open up to other people because I was always insecure of myself, and it was also too difficult for me to associate with others.  

After the birth of my son Ethan, the parents of my son's father refused to let him marry me because of my appearance (as an acid survivor). They told him that there are many people out there who are so beautiful without any scars, and they advised him to leave me and look for someone else. Since then, I have been a single mother. I live with Ethan, who is 1, and a maid.

I work as the programs officer at End Acid Violence Uganda. I also have a small poultry farm where I earn a living, to add to what I get from my job and crafts.  I learned how to make crafts from the craft training through End Acid Violence Uganda under the support of RISE. I enjoy making crafts because they help me stretch my muscles and do exercise, which is very good for the healing of my scars. Craft making gives me 20 percent of my income each month. It helps me to pay the house bills and the maid’s wage. It also helps me buy the basic necessities for my family like food and clothes.  Besides RISE, I also sell my products online, where I get orders from friends and deliver to them the crafts ordered.  Ultimately, my professional goal is to advocate for total elimination of acid violence nationally and internationally and also advocate for fair treatment of acid survivors.